Shower won’t drain? These could be the culprits!

It could happen over the course of time or it could happen seemingly overnight.  Eventually, every home will need to address the issue from time to time.  Your shower won’t drain!  So let’s identify the two most common culprits and hopefully keep the water flowing.

1.  The biggest culprit when a shower won’t drain is hair.  Hair has a habit of finding just the right place to get snagged in a home’s drainage system to start  forming a clog.  Even in showers equipped with the most advanced drain protection, hair will find its way into a drain like spaghetti through a strainer.

2.  Coming in at a close #2 are soaps, shampoos, and conditioners.  When a shower is draining slowly and then over time the shower won’t drain, it is most likely these three universally used products.  Soaps, shampoos, and conditioners contain fats and oils that will stick to the sides of a home’s drainage system and build up over time.  This build up, if not addressed, will ultimately be the reason your shower won’t drain.

Simple problems = Simple solutions!

Where there is a will, there is a way.  To help keep your shower flowing, just follow these two simple suggestions.

1.  Clean the loose hair from the shower strainer after each wash.  This will help prevent loose hair from entering your home’s drainage system.

2.  Use a bacterial – based drain cleaning agent.  This type of drain cleaner contains harmless bacteria that eat away at the fats and oils slowly building in your home’s drainage system.

And remember…The Drain Guys are here to help! Visit to learn even more.


One thought on “Shower won’t drain? These could be the culprits!

  1. Lowes has a nice little tool for getting the hair out of your shower for cheap. It’s called a drain stick and cost about $3. I use it at my home regularly.

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