Frozen Drain Pipes…Does that happen?



To Our Valued Customers,

As the worst snow storm this winter season approaches our area, we at The Drain Guys wanted to share some tips on keeping your drainage system safe and emergency free.  

1.  Make that there are no leaky or running toilets or faucets in your home.  A slow drip or leak can lead to ice build up in your home’s drainage system causing a whole-home backup at the worst time.

2.  Make sure all drains are clog and buildup-free.  Slow moving and clogged drains will allow water to sit in the drain pipe leading to a build up of ice and stopping all water flow.

3.  If you are leaving home, set the heat to at least 55 degrees.  This will prevent indoor drain pipes from reaching the frost point.  If you decide not to leave the heat on, purchase anti-freeze specifically made for mobile homes and use according to instructions.

4.  Check the drain pipes located in crawl spaces, attached to outside walls, and in basements for above freezing temperatures during and after the storm.

All Preferred Customers receive Free Inspections.  We encourage you to take advantage of this service to prevent any emergencies during this period of inclement weather.  If you would like a technician to perform an inspection, just call (862) 253-2545 and we can schedule an appointment.

Thank you and keep warm,

Ryan Garrison, Manager
The Drain Guys
(862) 253-2545