Davenport Discusses Sewer System Solutions

This picture is very unfortunate. Hopefully the homeowners did not suffer long. Sewage backup in basements can cause havoc on a family’s health, the structure of the home, a family’s finances, and peace of mind.

The Drain Guys


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Changes could be coming to Davenport’s sewer system after several homeowners sued the Mayor and Public Works Director over sewage back-ups.

On Saturday, January 25th, 2014, Davenport City Council held a work session to talk about next year’s budget. The discussion focused on capital improvement projects, including sewer improvements and funding.

Following this summer’s lawsuits, city council added a $2 fee to every homeowner’s sewer bill to help pay for the damage.

However, not everyone – including some council members – agreed with the surcharge, saying it won’t fix the problem.

Fourth Ward Alderman, Raymond Ambrose, says they may discuss selling their sewer system to a private company, because the costs to maintain it keep going up. He says they are working to find a balance between keeping taxpayers happy and keeping taxes/fees down.

“It’s unfair to the hardworking people of Davenport that we continue to have…

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