FAQ Kitchen Drain Cleaning and Kitchen Drains


Frequently Asked Questions



Q: My kitchen sink will not drain.  What should I do?

A:  The first thing you should try is using a plunger.  By generating good suction, the plunger method may break up any food items that are obstructing the kitchen sink drain line.  If the plunger method does not work, try using an old metal hanger.  Sometimes food gets stuck in the p-trap right underneath the kitchen sink and can pushed just enough to get the water flowing.  Finally, do not introduce any harmful chemicals into your home’s drain line; especially in older homes.  These chemicals will most assuredly make the situation worse.  If these methods do not help, call a professional for a drain cleaning.  The Drain Guys offers a fast response time and flexible scheduling.  We can be there when it fits your schedule.


Q: My kitchen sink drains slowly.  What is the cause?

A:  The majority of the time, a slow moving drain is caused by fats, oils, and grease (FOG).  Even the most cautious homeowner introduces FOG into their drain lines at some point.  Over time, the build up will cause a slow moving drain, and ultimately, a stoppage.  The best way to handle this situation is to call a professional and have them perform a drain cleaning to remove the FOG.  Harmful chemicals will not address this issue and will only cost the homeowner more time, aggravation, and money in the long run.


Q:  Why does my kitchen sink fill up with water when I run my dishwasher?

A:  Your kitchen sink and dishwasher share a common drain line.  If this drain line becomes obstructed, then your kitchen sink will fill with waste water when your dishwasher drains.  Cleaning the shared drain should solve the problem.


Q:  What are the worst things I can put in my kitchen sink drain?

A:  The list is pretty long but the top three worst things you can put down your kitchen sink drain are coffee grinds, grease, and rice.  These food items will almost certainly require a proper drain cleaning to remove.  This is not an official list by any means but those three things will cause a clog in your kitchen sink drain faster than anything else.  The Huffington Post has a pretty good article about their own top 10 items not to put down your kitchen sink drain.


Q:  Is my garbage disposal causing my drains to clog?

A:  The quick answer is yes, it is.  The long answer is that with proper preventative maintenance and a regularly scheduled drain cleaning, you should be able to enjoy the convenience of a garbage disposal without any issues with your kitchen sink drain line.


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